Elistair Unveils Tactical Tethered Drone for ISR & Telecommunications

15 September 2023
Unmanned Systems Technology

AI Generated Summary

Elistair has introduced the Orion 2.2 TE Tactical Tethered Drone, which has new tactical functions, an expanded payload range, and a two-in-one modular structure.

Powered by T-Planner V1.2, the Orion 2.1 TE imagery benefits from new tactical functions such as target tracking, automated object categorization, automated scanning routines, and POIs, facilitating surveillance missions.

The Orion 2.2 is purpose-built for multi-mission operation thanks to its two-in- one design, and is contained in a two-case pack out, having a low logistical footprint and can be deployed quickly by a single operator.