BAE Systems Celebrates Milestones at New Combat Air Research Facility

19 September 2023
Unmanned Systems Technology

AI Generated Summary

BAE Systems’ FalconWorks division and Hybrid Air Vehicles have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore new ways of communicating and gathering intelligence.

The agreement will see both parties collaborate on autonomous Uncrewed Air Systems (UAS) and mission management systems, enabling militaries to generate operational effects and provide a concentration of combat air power.

BAE Systems’ FalconWork division, which focuses on advanced and agile research and development into cutting-edge combat air capabilities, also announced a new framework agreement with QinetiQ to explore the potential to collaborate and develop a family of UAS, managed by a FalconWorks developed common goal-based autonomous mission management system, which will be interoperable with existing and future crewed and uncrewed systems.